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    All contributions are Tax Deductable, we are a 501(c)3 incorporation.

We thank you greatly for your support as we continue to spread the Gospel.

Pastor Abdel Khan.

    Breath of Hope Min. believes in The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe The Bible is the inspired Word of God. We believe Jesus Christ is son of God, was crucified, died and rose from the dead. B of H Min. is a ministry is based upon biblical principles. Many individuals, families, couples, parents, youths have lost hope in life and in God. Due to situations, circumstances and issues they have gotten themselves into.

     B. of H. Min. goes about the highways and byways with the message of hope to those we encounter with the “good news” of the Gospel. Confidence in God through Jesus Christ, through us is greatly needed by all inhabitants of the world. We are determined to present the Gospel too many and in many ways that would be pleasing to God, from the community to the world at large. During the time we have welcome various activities at our present location and we are looking forward to accommodate many more in the now and future.

       Acquiring a building for us would be an asset. Our decision would be a valuable economic one. Our continuous effort to “witness” tell of the good news, too many is our primary focus. We have invested and continue to invest in Evangelism, at our present location, however it is limited in space and just not worth it in the end. There are only so many ways we can adjust things to achieve a project.

       We are thankful to God for where we are today but for the near future, we have to relocate. We must also express thanks to those who supported, help in making our present location what it is today. B of H MIn. Is a 501(c) 3 inc. so all gift are tax deductable. We are seeking to raise $100,000. Immediately. We are asking 1000 people to sow a seed of $100. to this ministry towards this project. Everyone who sow a $100 seed will be given a “discount saving card” valued @ $20 that is valid for one 1yr upon activation. The card may be used at 100,000 merchants. The card has the potential to generate more than the $100 contribution when it comes to savings on their purchases.

      We believe in “empowering one to empower others”, your contribution will assist us in a building that will used to re-build lives, homes, relationships, marriages. As you empower us, we will be able to empower the community. Maybe you would like to help us in some way and do not have $100, send whatever you have, every drop will eventually fill the bucket, need. 

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